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Whether you are in private school, public school, or homeschool, we provide high school planning and college admissions assistance. Our experienced and dedicated team offers oversight for school documents, help with essays for college admissions, supervision for college applications, advice in developing a marketing strategy and resumes, tips for improved recommendation letters, scholarship coaching, and interview practice. Isn’t it time you had someone who understands your dreams and goals join you on the journey?

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From Parenting for Excellence and High School Counseling 101 to College Application Secrets and More Than Resume Building, our resources cover a wide range of helpful topics for students and their families.

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"(My son) views you as his travel partner and his advocate."  Diana, Southern CA

"With the sensitivity of a parent and the insight of a true professional, Mrs. Webb has turned a process rigged with uncertainty and anxiety into a journey filled with discovery and light."   Agnes, China

"We are so grateful to Jeannette for her life-changing role in my son’s life!"  Celia, OK

"... provided me with the guidance and support I need to homeschool high school with confidence and direction, and not with panic and fear."  Virginia, CA


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Young student in classroom in college

Middle School Choices Impact Graduate School Possibilities

We spend a lot of time talking about building solid foundations, but I think too many families still don’t quite understand the huge significance of early choices. Like a row of dominoes, a single action (or omission) early on will cause the whole line to topple. One such example is the selection of academic classes  [read more] …

Group Of Six Teenage Friends Having Fun In Autumn Park

How Humor Helps Determine College Fit

As strange as it sounds, one of the primary ways to tell if a college is a good fit is to ascertain the humor that is prevalent on campus. More than anything else, I feel a student discovers their people by finding those who laugh at the same kind of things. I encourage teens to  [read more] …

people, technology and leisure concept - happy african american young woman sitting on floor with laptop computer at home

What a College Essay is Not

It is the time of year when smart rising seniors are beginning to work on their personal statements/essays for college applications. They know that the senior year gets busy and that crowded schedules will keep them from performing their best in the ultra-competitive college game. Thus, my clients and I spend the summer talking about  [read more] …

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