Big Picture Thinking

A Goal Without A Plan Is Just A WishSometimes, as a parent, it is difficult to get to the end of a day, much less plan all of high school or take a realistic look at the remaining years your child has left under your roof. But, by operating in disaster mode all the time, life ends up being just one long crisis and not a choice. To truly see the big picture, you need to allow yourself time in several areas.

Time to Understand

Before you can plan, you must know what needs to happen. Do you know what kinds of classes your child needs to take in high school? What standardized tests are required for the colleges they want to attend? For that matter, do you know what kind of career would suit your child or which colleges would be best for training in that career?

Time to Think About Possibility

Once you have a bit of an idea about basic requirements, it is time to think about possibilities. This is the dreaming phase where you can look at the hard facts, your young child, and wonder what their future could hold. What kind of potential do they have? How could you give them more options in their future?

Time to Develop a Plan

Once you’ve thought through these things, it’s time to put a plan in place for the years you have left with this child. I recommend a long-term academic plan and a more fluid extracurricular plan. I often work with families prior to high school to sketch out these ideas and make sure that nothing falls through the cracks.

If you are interested in concrete examples of how to map out the academic side of your child’s high school career, I encourage you to join me in a few weeks for a live teleseminar.

In today’s overcrowded and competitive educational marketplace, all parents need to function as a high school guidance counselor for their child. If you have questions about what needs to happen academically in high school (whether you are public, private, or homeschooled), join me for High School Counseling 101 on March 30-31, 2015 at 6 p.m. Central Time. I’ll show you how to map out a high school plan so that everything gets accomplished in a timely manner. Why don’t you join us to get your questions answered?

This is the only time this class will be offered live in 2015. Read more here!


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