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Whether you are in private school, public school, or homeschool, we provide high school planning and college admissions assistance. Our experienced and dedicated team offers oversight for school documents, help with essays for college admissions, supervision for college applications, advice in developing a marketing strategy and resumes, tips for improved recommendation letters, scholarship coaching, and interview practice. Isn’t it time you had someone who understands your dreams and goals join you on the journey?

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From Parenting for Excellence and High School Counseling 101 to College Application Secrets and More Than Resume Building, our resources cover a wide range of helpful topics for students and their families.

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"(My son) views you as his travel partner and his advocate."  Diana, Southern CA

"With the sensitivity of a parent and the insight of a true professional, Mrs. Webb has turned a process rigged with uncertainty and anxiety into a journey filled with discovery and light."   Agnes, China

"We are so grateful to Jeannette for her life-changing role in my son’s life!"  Celia, OK

"... provided me with the guidance and support I need to homeschool high school with confidence and direction, and not with panic and fear."  Virginia, CA


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CAMBRIDGE USA - JUNE 9 2013: People visit Harvard University campus in Cambridge MA. Harvard was established in 1636. Its annual endowment is 36.4 billion USD.

Picking 8 First Choice Colleges

Too often, teens and parents have an idealized view of the perfect college. They latch on to an Ivy League name or one amazing campus visit and decide that there is only one place they could possibly be happy. They put all their proverbial emotional eggs into one basket and wind up disappointed and angry.  [read more] …

Business woman at podium with laptop computer lecturing audience in auditorium

Finding Your College Fit – Large Classes

We talked last time about the pros and cons of smaller colleges with intimate class sizes. Today, let’s look at the opposite end of the spectrum! Large colleges have many advantages. There is any kind of major or minor or extracurricular activity that kids can imagine. There are numerous class options that are open to  [read more] …

Multiracial group of college students and teacher in class

Finding Your College Fit – Small Class Size

For students in the process of figuring out the colleges they want to apply to, we’ve looked at the feel and location of various types of campuses. Next students need to think through the size of the school itself. Small class size is certainly a very compelling reason to consider a school. There is more  [read more] …

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We’ve packaged our best expert advice for parents in one easy place! Our bundles contain our most popular classes and products that are designed for specific ages – young family, early high school, and applying to college.  To make it easier, these bundles are further designated as either homeschool or public/private school.  This one-stop shopping can save you time and will also save you money!

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