High School Counseling 101

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 Are you afraid of making mistakes that ruin your child’s future?  Are you tired of feeling alone?


Give me just 4 hours and I’ll teach you how to effectively guide your children through high school!

Dear Parent,

Every day I talk to wonderful, talented parents who struggle under the weight of responsibility for their students.  They work hard teaching, planning lessons, chauffeuring, directing activities . . . and the list goes on. Even though they are extremely diligent and work incredibly hard, they are fearful of missing something important. Even if your child attends public or private school and has a high school guidance counselor, there are many things that can fall through the cracks if you don’t know what needs to happen in your child’s academic career.

I totally get it because I’ve walked that road.  There were nights I cried myself to sleep, days when my stomach was in knots.  I knew my children’s lives would be radically impacted by my decisions.  It’s enough to drive a competent woman crazy!

My children are grown now and I’m happy to tell you that we went far beyond surviving high school. . . we flourished!

They got hundreds of thousands of dollars in scholarship officers.  They were accepted into Ivy League colleges and other top schools.  In addition, and most importantly, they are now emotionally healthy, spiritually mature, incredibly productive young people.

For the last ten years, it has been my honor to serve families from all over the world and share with them what we learned on the journey.  You will find our clients in the world’s best schools, many with major merit scholarships. Whether you are interested in an Ivy League School, a small Christian private school, or maybe a respected state university,  it starts with doing high school well.  And you need to know that doesn’t necessarily mean looking like everyone else.  Your plan for your child’s education should be unique.

High School Counseling 101, will give you the confidence you need to plan high school.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • Evaluate the quality of high school classes
  • Assess the standardized tests your student needs
  • Look at extracurricular activities realistically
  • Map out a four-year plan for high school that includes tests and classes
  • Break down the four-year plan into yearly action steps and monthly to-do lists
  • Get inside the mind of a college admissions officer so you will know how to plan

Guiding your child through high school doesn’t have to be intimidating.  Once you learn the ropes, it is actually rather fun! 

homeschool high school, college admissions counselorsLet’s partner together for your child’s future.

High School Counseling 101 is a digital class that you can download and listen to any time you choose. Here’s what’s included:

  • 4 hour mp3
  • 60-page ebookHigh School Counseling 101: Everything You Need to Know to be an Effective Guidance Counselor filled with tips and encouragement ($60 value)

If you are ready for someone to come alongside you and share the load, this class is for you! I’d love to help you go from a stressed out parent to a confident high school counselor.

Please register with an email you check frequently.  All information pertaining to the course will be sent there. Thanks!  We are honored to serve you.

High School Counseling 101

Price: Only $97

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No Risk Guarantee – I am so convinced that you will love this course that you may ask for your money back any time.  I’ll refund it, no questions asked!