More Than Resume Building Home Study Course

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Learn how to choose meaningful extracurricular activities,maximize scholarship/college opportunities, AND lead a more relaxed life!


Let’s face it.  College and Scholarship competitions are getting more brutal by the year. Parents are paying consultants to prepare resumes for toddlers so they can get into the right preschools,which lead to the right elementary schools, which funnel into college prep high schools, which hopefully leads to a top college berth.  What often happens in the process?

  • Students pile activity upon activity thinking that it will make them more successful
  • Life grows increasingly stressful for students and their families
  • Parents grasp at straws not knowing how to help their children
  • Mom feels like a chauffeur
  • Dad feels like an ATM machine
  • Families tend to lose touch with each other
  • Health is often compromised

There is a better way!

I wouldn’t have the courage to teach a class like this if I hadn’t lived through it on both sides of the fence.  You see, I grew up as a Resume Builder.  I did it all.  In fact, I’m embarrassed to share with you that I lived a life so out of control.  In high school I was:

  • High School Valedictorian
  • Student Body President
  • Local and County 4-H President
  • All-State Athlete
  • Columnist for the local newspaper
  • Actor in the Community Theater Troupe
  • Musician – played piano, guitar, and sang in a music group
  • Farm kid who drove a tractor all summer and cared for livestock

It gets worse!   In college, I was a member of no less than 16 organizations, president of two, and officer in ten.  I was a member of 30 committees, 17 of which I chaired.  I founded several organizations, met monthly with college deans in an advisory capacity, and traveled across the state representing my school.  I was involved in college sports for one year, was the first Truman Scholar at my school, and was hired as a research team member while still an undergraduate (which was unheard of at the time). The plan was to build a watertight resume and I did that.

I came out of those grueling years with many awards, but found that it was empty.  I had few close friends, my faith was damaged, and I was utterly exhausted.  But I plunged forward into a career and received many awards there, even juggling children and my career for about 6 years.  My health finally broke and I came home full time to try to re-build my marriage, my relationship with my tiny children, and my life.

I had big dreams for my children, but I would not allow them to duplicate the craziness of my youth.

I took some huge risks with my family that violated the mantra of Resume Builders:

  • My children pursued very few activities
  • We based their activities on what needed to happen in their life, not what colleges would be looking for
  • Our family time was the most important thing to us
  • We placed a premium on getting plenty or rest

The funny thing was that my laid-back children were much more successful than I was as a Resume Builder!

  • Entry into highly competitive high school programs
  • Acceptance at Ivy League Schools
  • Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars in Scholarships for College and Graduate School
  • Entry into Specialized College Programs

And you know what?  They are happy, well-adjusted young adults who value their faith, their family, and their friends.

You need to know that I’ve been working with kids for over 35 years.  As a Youth Development Specialist with one of my degrees in Family Relations and Child Development, I spent a decade helping 4-H students win state and national awards.  I’ve worked with homeschool students for 20 years helping them develop public speaking and leadership skills. Now I help students all over the world figure out how to lead more meaningful lives, develop important skill sets, and ace the college application process.

I know kids and I’d like to share my secrets with you!

This class is perfect for parents with upper elementary aged students to high schoolers.

In fact, the younger your student, the more you will benefit from learning how to make proactive decisions about their extracurricular profile. But don’t take my word for it.  Listen to what class participants have to say:

“This is a class I wish I had taken when my son was 10 years old!!  Being a person who continuously searches out information to improve the education of my children, this is honestly the most informative, thought-provoking, straight forward, detailed class I have ever taken.  Not only does Jeannette cover an extensive amount of information, but she does it with such care and generosity.  If you’re looking for an easy road, you won’t find it here!  Jeannette will challenge you to set the bar high for your children to be all that The Lord created them to be.  Jeannette’s services have provided much guidance down a path that was complicated and confusing to us.  This class has truly been refreshing water for a weary soul.”     ~ Stefanie

“I have earnestly been praying over my children this week and God is using this class to change my heart. I can see that for many years I measured my success as a parent with the academic and social success of my children. I want to use a different measuring stick.”   ~ Debbie 

“The More Than Resume class with Jeannette Webb has been thought provoking, enlightening, and inspirational. Jeannette’s depth and breadth of experience in counseling parents and students gives her a well of wisdom and practical ideas to draw from. Jeannette communicates sage advice using clear, thoughtful concepts accompanied by real world examples to help us envision how to put them into practice. I appreciate her friendly, approachable manner and sincere desire to serve her clients well.”    ~ Sue

What can you expect to receive from the time you will invest?

I will start you on the journey of helping your child become all that God intended.  My goal is to help you look at your student with honest eyes – to see who they are, who they could become, and what your role is in that process.

You’ll be empowered to choose what is best for your child and no longer worry about what everyone else is doing.

Here’s what we’ll cover:

  • Class #1 – Understanding the Role of Activities – this class sets the stage for understanding how to use activities to help children develop.  We also take an honest look at weaknesses and how to address those.
  • Class #2 – Searching for God at Work – this class teaches families how to be aware of the work God is doing in their child’s life and how to come alongside and cast a vision for that child.
  • Class #3 – Deciding What Life Should Look Like – this class will guide you through a series of steps to honestly evaluate your schedule and then make thoughtful decisions about how your family chooses to spend their time.
  • Class #4 – Choosing Activities – this class takes a realistic look at your child’s activities and helps you determine if they are serving them well.  We’ll look at how to broaden and deepen their commitments as well as talk about the common stereotypes that college admissions officers could have of your child.
  • Class #5 – Learning to Keep Track of Details – this class shows you how to properly document activities, how various activities should be counted, and how to determine hours spent after the fact (just in case you haven’t been keeping track).
  • Class #6 – Developing the College Resume:  Part 1 – this session shares all the secrets of powerful resumes!  I’ll teach you proper format, powerful words to use, how to take a huge list of activities and craft a strong resume.
  • Class #7 – Developing the College Resume:  Part 2 – this lesson shows you examples of the resume entries from many successful students.
  • Class #8 – Showcasing Activities on the College Application – this final class leads you by the hand and shows you actual examples of how to transfer your child’s activities (resume) to a college application.

As a recap, you will learn to:

  1. Look for God at work in your child’s life
  2. Deal with weaknesses
  3. Push the envelope of their strengths
  4. Evaluate the quality of your family’s current activities
  5. Assess your parental tool kit
  6. Understand overload
  7. Develop leadership in your child
  8. Mastermind quality activities
  9. Learn how to keep track of activities of these great activities so you can properly present them later
  10. Utilize power resume words
  11. Develop effective resumes for interviews, college applications and scholarships
  12. Effectively present activities on a college application

Here’s how this digital class works:

You will receive 8 lessons that are short and easy to digest.

  • Each lesson will include an assignment to complete.  While the time required for completing the homework varies quite a bit depending on the topic and the number of children you have, estimates per week range from 30 minutes to 3 hours.  Participants have also found that involving their spouse is valuable as they think through concepts.
  • After you complete each lesson, listen to the  1 hour Mp3 for each class containing additional information and giving you examples of how to implement concepts.  These are downloadable and you can listen over and over again.  You will have 8 hours of valuable lecture and Q&A at your fingertips!
  • The information will build as you progress.

This class has something for everyone.  I’ve worked with profoundly gifted kids who excel at everything and regular students that have a vivacity and sparkle that warm my heart.  I’ve assisted LD kids, 2e (twice-exceptional) kids, science geeks, and ballerinas.

I’ve helped my clients from around the world apply successfully to their dream colleges:

  • Ivy League schools
  • tiny Christian schools
  • private schools
  • large state universities

Together, we can help your student live a successful, calm, rewarding life.

Immediately upon registering for this digital class, you will receive:

  • Links to 8 classes
  • More Than Resume Building – my 129 page e-book which includes your weekly reading plus homework .
  • Called to Influence:  A New Approach to Life, Education, and College Admissions, our popular e-book (a $21.95 value).

Isn’t it time to get this figured out for your child?

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More Than Resume Building Home Study Course

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