Scholarships for Homeschooled Athletes

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 Scholarships for Homeschooled Athletes

The decision to homeschool places families outside traditional support networks.  As such, they are often left wondering how to help their kids re-enter the traditional realm once their homeschool days are finished.  It’s hard for a parent to function in the many roles needed to help kids maximize all their opportunities.  Fortunately, new networks are being developed for the homeschool community.

As a college consultant, it is my delight to help families understand how to structure high school academics and extracurriculars.  I work with families to develop all the school documents needed at competitive colleges.  I assist students as they write essays, prepare for interviews, and compete for merit scholarships.  For most kids, this is all the college admissions help needed.  However, if you have an accomplished athlete, there is a whole new layer involved.  I was delighted to meet Coach Taylor last week who has stepped up to the plate to fill this need.  I asked him to share with you about his company:

“Blessings, to Aiming Higher Consultants and all those that have been so fortunate to use its services.  I hope that all is well with each and every one of you this year as we all seek to grow our home educational goals and aspirations! 

My name is Eric C. Taylor (I’m a Forever-Homeschooler) and I send you greetings from Truth-Spin, Inc., the only known homeschool-run homeschool sports consulting company. TSI’s daily mission is to help homeschool athletes (usually 9th-12th grade) to, in an affordable manner, secure collegiate sports scholarships. 

As a former home school athlete (soccer 7th-12th grade), collegiate athlete, high school coach (private, public, and homeschool), and NCAA coach, I saw a need and am working to fill that need for homeschooled/Christian families all over this country. 
We are VERY glad to see that many of our homeschoolers (just like you!) are taking greater control of their collegiate destiny and direction.  At TSI, we are now seeking to accent Aiming Higher Consultants’ job of packaging and preparedness for athletes.  

Through our good relationships and connections with a number of institutions of higher learning (Christian and non-Christian) at a variety of sporting levels (NCAA 1, 2, 3, NAIA, NCCAA, USCAA, Independent, etc.) we are able to give our homeschool athletic clients: 
  1. the ability to be ultra-narrow in college choices 
  2. a greatly increased chance of getting an adequate collegiate sports scholarship;
  3. improved chances of finding the “perfect” collegiate campus/collegiate sports program to be a part of (and, yes, this is possible).

We also want to serve as a source of encouragement and advice as we do for many homeschool sports families and groups all over (because we were them once).  Please, learn more about us at: 

“Trading our fishing poles to save souls-
To use a net, that’s as good as it gets.”
John 21:4-6”

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