Ace Tips for Making Standardized Tests Work for You

Does your student know how to prepare for the testing gauntlet?


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Dear Parent,

Too many students approach standardized tests with fear and trembling.  Their parents lay awake nights worrying about their child’s ability to get in the door at a good school.  Everyone is on edge.

Does that describe your household?

We all know that college acceptance, scholarship opportunities, and entrance into competitive programs depend upon good test performance.

Students normally approach tests in several predictable ways.

  1. They ignore the issue and go in on test day totally unprepared and take the test cold, scoring way below their potential.
  2. They take a shotgun approach and take tests multiple times hoping desperately for a good score on one of them.  This makes a college admissions officer question their abilities.
  3. They spend a great deal of money, sacrifice free time, and undergo extreme stress, but often experience only modest gains.

There is a better way!

We will show your student how to perform their best without undue stress or expense.  The truth is that there are no silver bullet tricks and no course of preparation that works well for every person. What we can offer is guidance in how to approach standardized tests so that each student can figure out their own best strategies and preparation style.

Your instructors for this teleseminar will be two exceptional students with extremely different study styles.

They aced all their standardized tests with no fancy expensive test prep courses and they’re ready to share their secrets with you!

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Austin Webb had perfect scores on every test:  SAT, SAT Subject and AP.  He was the top National Merit Scholar in the nation, a Presidential Scholar, and accepted into the world’s top schools.

Interestingly enough, Austin suffers with an attention deficiency, yet he still aced his tests!  He’ll share his solutions for those who struggle with concentration issues.  He’ll also discuss the importance of seeking accommodations for those who have learning disabilities and learning differences.

homeschool high schoolNatalie Webb had perfect or near-perfect board scores on all tests and was accepted at all 4 Ivy Leagues schools to which she applied.  She also gained entrance into competitive engineering programs.  Natalie is a much more organized student who has mastered an incremental study approach. Her logical, step-by-step style will help students find success.

Families who attend our classes regularly know that we love to laugh and to encourage. We understand how frightening the testing cycle can be and want to put your child’s mind at ease. Therefore, we’ve designed a special 2-hour class just for your students:

Ace Tips for Making Standardized Tests Work for You

Austin and Natalie will:

  • Give an overview of test-taking strategies.
  • Show, in detail, how to plan out every step of the test, from scheduling the date, to preparation, to making decisions after the test is over.
  • Explain how to prepare intelligently so the test doesn’t consume your life.
  • Explore ways of compensating for learning disabilities.

Here’s what others say about the class!

“Thanks so much (for the Ace Tips class)!!  I learned many new “game” plans for our family.  I wish I had heard this information years ago.  Thanks for taking the time to put the info together and making it available to us.”  ~Lesly

“The (Ace Tips) class was very helpful.  You have truly remarkable children who are blessings not only to you and their dad, but to others.   Their transparency (failures and successes) was encouraging.” ~Diana

This class is designed for all high school students preparing for standardized tests.

Ace Tips for Making Standardized Tests Work for You is a digital class that you can access whenever you like.

What’s included:

  • 2 hour mp3 of great tips from experts
  • Ace Tips for Making Standardized Tests Work For You e-book

If you are ready for someone to come alongside your student and share expert study strategies, this class is for you!