We’ve packaged our best expert advice for parents in one easy place! Our bundles contain our most popular classes and products that are designed for specific ages – young family, early high school, and applying to college.  To make it easier, these bundles are further designated as either homeschool or public/private school.  This one-stop shopping can save you time and will also save you money!


Books & Products

Called To Influence Called to Influence: A New Approach to Life, Education and College Admissions

Called to Influence is a book about hope and joy, but also offers a candid look at how our daily choices affect our destiny.  Learn more here.

PDF Format – $17

 Soft-cover – $29.95

 Homeschooling to Open Doors The Thinking Mother’s Guides to Homeschooling
Homeschooling to Open Doors: Smart High School Choices for Great College Options [Kindle Edition]

Would you like to know the secrets to helping your homeschooled student have a meaningful high school experience while, at the same time, positioning themselves to be successful in the college admissions process?  Learn more here or purchase.

Kindle Format – $2.99

SecretsRC1 The Thinking Mother’s Guides to Homeschooling
Secrets to Successful College Apps: Strategies for Homeschoolers [Kindle Edition]

This book will help you get inside the mind of an admissions officer and let you understand the college admissions process at selective colleges.Learn more here or purchase.

Kindle Format – $2.99

BeatingTheBiasRC6 Beating the Bias:  Overcoming the Asian Stereotype in College Admissions [Kindle Edition]

Would you like to know the secrets to help your Asian student be successful in the brutal college admissions game?  This Kindle book tackles the tough issues facing Asian students whether they attend public or private schools or homeschool high school.  Learn more here or purchase.

Kindle Format – $2.99

Nights at the Round Table Seminar Series – MP3

We have amazing conversations at the dinner table and we’d like to invite you to listen in!  This incredibly popular seminar series covers a wide range of topics from child rearing to college experiences.  Over five hours of amazing insights and transparent reflections grace this conversation between my two adult children and me.  Won’t you join us?  Learn more here.

MP3 format – $19


Letters of Recommendation that Get Results! – PDF

Most people who are asked to write a letter of recommendation for your child really do want to help, they have just never been trained to write a recommendation letter that opens doors, even if they are experienced writers.  Help recommenders do a great job for your student.  Learn more here.

PDF format – $37

MP3 Image 10 Mistakes Homeschoolers Make When Planning for College – MP3

This hour-long workshop takes a quick tour through the common mistakes made by college-bound students.  Learn more here.

MP3 format, 1 hour session – $7

MP3 Image Aiming Higher: Why Christian Students Should Consider the Possibility of Attending a Prestigious University – MP3

This hour-long workshop briefly shares our family’s story and the shock of being called from the seclusion of our family farm to the swirling epicenters of American cultural formation, the elite college campuses.  Learn more here.

MP3 format, 1 hour session – $7

MP3 Image Seasons: An Honest Look at Homeschool Motherhood – MP3

This hour-long workshop looks at the seasons of a homeschool mother’s life.  This is my favorite class and one that has touched the hearts of homeschool moms for years.  Learn more here.

MP3 format, 1 hour session – $7

Home Study Courses


High School Activities: Understanding Their Role & Maximizing Their Impact

Are you confused about how to help your child choose and develop extracurricular activities? This class is designed as a gentle introduction to figuring out the role of the activity profile in your child’s life. It is a quick look at how to evaluate activities, know when to add or increase the intensity and keep track of them.  Learn more here.



college admissions consulting High School Counseling 101 

Parents are terrified of making a mistake in high school that will ruin their child’s future, especially those who homeschool. Public or private school parents also need to take a proactive role in their child’s education.  Even though a student has a high school counselor at his or her school, you need to know that these dedicated professionals are overworked and deal with way too many students.  This course will teach you everything you need to know to be an effective guidance counselor for your child so that nothing slips through the cracks!  Learn more here.


homeschool high school, home school college In Your Own Words:  Harnessing the Power of the Personal Essay

Your student has only one chance to “talk” to college admissions officers – learn to make the most of it!  The admissions essay is a critical piece of the college application and most students do not handle it well.  This class is designed for high school students and shares insider tips on how to make the essay a powerful advocate.  Learn more here.



homeschool high school, homeschooling college College Application Secrets

This class will literally walk you through a college application and share everything you need to know.  We’ll talk about what admissions officers are looking for and how to avoid common stereotypes.  Learn more here.


homeschool high school Explaining Your Homeschool:  Learn How to Produce Required College Documents

One of the biggest fears of homeschooling through high school is that your child will be penalized by colleges.  Let’s face it.  Your child’s educational path doesn’t look like everyone else’s.  This class will show you step-by-step how to create the professional documents that colleges want.  I’ll share successful examples of each document and I’ll explain exactly what colleges are looking for.  Learn more here.


More Than Resume Building

In this home study course, I walk you through the process of helping your child discover his gifts, choosing the best extracurricular activities based on those gifts, and then presenting them in the best possible light to colleges and scholarship competitions.  This is our most in-depth course and is designed to help you understand the heart of your child.   It is appropriate for families with young children up through the teen years.  You will also receive our popular book, Called to Influence.  Learn more here.


  Parenting for Excellence: Helping Our Children Live From the Heart and Find Their Calling

You have big dreams for your young children, yet, when you look around, something feels very wrong. Pressure is mounting for even very young children to perform. You’ve begun to feel that your parenting is measured by your children’s success. Looking for a better way?  Learn more here.


Bundled Courses

The Junior/Senior Package

This bundle was designed for families ready to begin working on the college application.  If your child is in the junior year of high school, it is time to begin thinking about college!

Junior/Senior Package (Homeschool)

Learn more here.

$442  Only $353

Junior/Senior Package (Public or Private School)

Learn more here.

$261 Only $208

High School Starter Kit

Whether your child is entering junior high or starting high school, this kit is for you!  It is important to understand that the choices you make at this early point, from extracurricular activities to classes to testing, will determine the strength of your student’s high school career and the eventual success of their college application.
 high-school-starter-kit_homeschool High School Starter Kit (for Homeschoolers)

Learn more here.

$374 Only $299

high-school-starter-kit_public High School Starter Kit (for Public and Private School Students)

Learn more here.

$210 Only $168

Young Family Bundle

Designed for young families who want to establish a firm foundation academically, developmentally, and spiritually.

Learn more here.

$136.90  Only $107

  Private Consultation

We have two avenues to work with you on an individualized basis:
jeannette-with-student Hourly Retainer

If you wish to work with a single consultant on an as-needed basis, we charge a 3-hour retainer up front and then keep track of the time you use in one minute increments.  We are on call as you need us throughout high school and the college application process.  Our past clients have averaged 7 hours total time as they worked with us through the four years of high school and then college applications.  Our youngest clients are in 5th grade.To ensure that we can respond quickly to you, we limit the size of each graduating class.

Contact us today to check availability.  A member of our team will follow up with you shortly to answer any questions you might have.

Private Consultation is by application only.

weekend-intensive_promo_concept7 Custom-designed Weekend

Harness the synergy of the whole Aiming Higher Consultants team in an amazing weekend designed specifically for your child!Read more here!