In Your Own Words: Harnessing the Power of the Personal Essay

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Are your students having trouble getting started on their college application essays?

Are they frozen and unsure of what to write about?

Dear Parent,

I can still remember how difficult it was for my two children to come up with essay topics for their college applications. They were both good writers, but the college admissions essay was a totally different animal than what they were used to writing.

Honestly, they were a bit on edge until they found their voice.

In fact, my daughter’s essay propelled her to the top of admission officer’s lists and made her a favorite in competitive programs. She wrote about a very simple topic, the rubber boots she wore to do her chores growing up. However, her rich descriptions of her life and motivations were so wonderful that one highly competitive program began heavily recruiting her with phone calls from alums, from the school, and from administrators. When we visited the university for a special day for accepted applicants to the program, her admissions officer came over specifically to meet her. When she greeted us, she gushed, “Oh, I was hoping you’d wear your rubber boots!”

Such is the power of the personal essay.

Your student has to distill the essence of who they are, what makes them unique, and explain it clearly and winsomely to colleges. While the application has many components (all of which are vitally important), the essay presents the clearest picture that the college will get of your child. This is their one chance “talk” to admissions officers, to write them a letter that gives a glimpse of their thoughts and life. This is the only place they will hear your child’s voice.

Unfortunately, many students never find that voice and their essay looks like thousands of others that end up in the reject heap.

Don’t let this happen to your student!

The personal essay is such a vital part of the college application process that I’ve put this special class together just to help students get it figured out.

  • I’ll give them all kinds of prompts to get them thinking about their life and what they want to say.
  • We talk about dangerous topics to avoid.
  • We’ll look at what makes a great essay.

In Your Own Words: Harnessing the Power of the Personal Essay is a 2-hour class that will:

  • Give your child examples of successful college essays as well as break them down so students understand why they worked
  • Provide step-by-step instructions on how to think through essay topics

This class is designed for students working on their college or scholarship essays.

Are you ready to take the mystery out of writing the personal essay?

What’s included:

  • 2 hour mp3 of essay strategies
  • 72-page e-book In Your Own Words: Harnessing the Power of the Personal Essay (a $47 value).

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 Here’s what others are saying!

“This was a great essay class!  Mrs. Webb took us through the essay process step by step.   She gave us the behind the scenes look at how college admissions officers view the essay.  It was helpful and informative, and took the fear out of writing college essays.”  ~Brenn

If you are ready for someone to encourage your student with practical suggestions for conquering college essays, this digital class is for you!  

Please register with an email you check frequently.  All information pertaining to the course will be sent there.

homeschool high school, home school college

Only $67

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No Risk Guarantee – I am so convinced that you will love this course that you may ask for your money back any time.  I’ll refund it, no questions asked!